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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Steinberg WaveLab Studio 6

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



Anonymous said...

tried to install, and it asked for the dongle. turned on the syncro emulator and it didnt work

Anonymous said...

What are you supposed to do when it asks for the dongle?

Anonymous said...

yeah, same thing here.... AIR iz gonna hafta do a dongle file for this one!!

Ahh.... for 'dA good oL H20 daze!!

thx anyway bro!

Anonymous said...

Do not install dongle and use H20.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean use H2O? The download only comes with the program, and the crack. I don't have the real, physical dongle.

Audio Pirate said...

he means the truemu h2o dongle thing, ill post it if i can get it ;)

rodd said...

hey, some body knows if the truemu h2o for WAVELAB 6 exist?
its not included in the packet that you posted true?


Anonymous said...

ok guys dont bother installing this yet.. just wait a while and you may see somthing soon. this is just the installer.

Audio Pirate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Audio Pirate said...

True Emu Syncrosoft Driver v5.01 - H2O


1. DISABLE your anti-virus resident, I recieved a
false positve from NOD32.

2. Open & read h2o.nfo with notepad, if you don't
have a NFO viewer.

3. Run and install trueemu.exe.

4. Reboot your computer.

5. Enjoy all the Steinberg apps listed in LCC ;)

You need the Syncrosoft protection drivers
and LCC installed from one of the DELiRiUM
ISOs BEFORE installing. Otherwise, use the
full program installers compiled by H2O.



Anonymous said...

the H2O dongle driver do not have the wavelab.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt work :(

Anonymous said...

so. should i buy the dongle or not.
i found new ones for 20 -30 bux.

Anonymous said...

so do i buy a dongle or not?
found em for about 20 - 30 bux

Anonymous said...

This is incomplete instalation. Don't waste your time with this. In the Installer data folder there are only *.ico and *.jpg files. The true install files are missing!

nick said...

do not waste time on it!!!
better download vers 5.02
6 never gonna work with that fucker

Anonymous said...

Unfortunetely the 2.nd and 3.rd Part are no longer available for download.

But thanks for sharing

Skyfly*music said...

Hello Audio Pirate

I wanted to lower "Steinberg WaveLab Studio 6" and it leaves the following error:

1. - regrettably, the selected connection is not available.
2. - it not connects valid
3. - he/she faded the file to violate our

As I can lower this program that it interests me a lot

Greetings, ahead of time thank you


Anonymous said...

ohh links not working, please fix the links

Anonymous said...

same old BS

Audio Pirate said...

same old bs??

fuck you man, i diddnt upload this one so i cant re-up it

Anonymous said...

Hold on. Maybe this will work. What do you mean about DELiRiUM ISOs? The H2O emu installs OK but doesn't quite get me over the copy protection hump. I suspect the LCC stuff might do it, but I'm not sure where to get it from.

Anonymous said...

May i sujjest that using google to find a torrent, a file which emulates the usb dongle.....
well i have tried it and it worked for me.

Rainier said...

I don't believe you.
Post exact instructions tot crack WL6 so we can all repeat what you supposedly did.
Then - and only then - we will know if you're truthful.

My guess is: you won't post instructions.
Surprise me!

someone trying said...

the LCC is the licence control center

you can download it here

dont know if it is going to work though i doubt it...

Anonymous said...

Is it working already? I belive there's a need for a working installer and a working Syncrosoft dongles emulator.

Howwwl said...

I didnt think this worked...

Howwwl said...

I didnt think this worked...

Anonymous said...

and why dosnt it work..? because this emu is v.4.0b

try to post the real v.5.01 plz

Anonymous said...

anyone with the two other files?
new links, new uploads somewhere else?

thanx in advance!

Anonymous said...

is it for mac or pc?

Anonymous said...

hey thx for this software but when i go to part 2 and 3 i get this: "Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available."

Anonymous said...

hey thx for this but when i go to part 2 & 3 i get this message: "Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available." sup with that?

Anonymous said...

any news here?
or did this blog or this post just die?