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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Steinberg Nuendo 3

Steinberg Nuendo v3.2.0.1128

Nuendo 3 is another huge step in the development of Steinberg’s
professional media production system. With an extensive set of new
features for audio post production including AAF support, a new set of
media management tools, Pinnacle X-Send integration and Warp to
Picture functionality, plus many new features for top-level recording
studios and surround producers. Nuendo 3 is one of the most powerful
tools for any kind of media production available anywhere.

Nuendo 3 is designed to serve the needs for everyone producing sound
for film, television, video or game. The new version of Steinberg’s
renowned media production system offers more features for post
production than ever before and also sets new standards in surround
production. An extensive set of new features for “traditional” stereo
audio production and an overall enhancement of many existing functions
make Nuendo one of the most powerful tools for any kind of media
production available anywhere.

New features in Nuendo 3.2

Completely separate output busses for Control Room- and Headphone
Monitoring are available in order to leave the Main Mix output
untouched by Control Room specific settings.

Four user specific Monitor Setups allow quick switching between
monitoring systems including ôFoldbackö and easy solo functionality for
surround environments such as ôSolo to Centerö and ôBack to Frontö.

Up to six External Inputs like DAT, Tape, CD or any other can quickly
be selected for immediate playback to any Studio, Track, Headphone- or
Control Room Bus.

A maximum of four separate Studios can be setup each getting their
signal feeds from any audio channel, group channel or fx return channel
inside the regular Nuendo mixer which now all feature dedicated Studio
Sends with level and pan as well as Pre Fader/Post Fader switch.

Talkback functionality allowing engineers and producers to speak
directly to musicians, narrators or other artists in any of the

Automatic and manual Dim is available to avoid feedback or quickly
reduce control room level.

A separate ôClick Busö allows individual distribution of the metronome
signal to Studios, Headphone and Control Room bus each with different
level and panning if desired.

Assigning a present main mix to all or any selected Studio can be
executed by a simple key command allowing to quickly setup a rough mix
for the Studio from which adaptations to meet the desire of the artists
can quickly be achieved.

Physically controlling the new Control Room features can be achieved
with help of the WK Audio ID Controller (now also available under OSX
with Nuendo 3.2) which from the beginning had all needed hardware
elements built in.

The Euphonix EuCon adapter just recently introduced as a potential add
-on for Nuendo 3.1 is being further developed for Nuendo 3.2 by adding
support for the optional dual automated joysticks allowing for direct
control of the Nuendo surround panner.

The Metering Fallback Time calculation been changed to a dB relative
mode preventing the meters from falling too quickly especially in the
lower part of the meter scale.

The quality of the Sample Rate Conversion has been optimized in order
to further minimize aliasing effects and grant even more authentic
sample material after conversion.

A switchable Normalization mode has been implemented into MixConverter
allowing to choose whether the output configuration of MixConverter is
being normalized. Activating the Normalization will ensure that the
output signal level of a specific speaker equals the original inputs
level of the same speaker.

A new preference is available defining the Nuendo behaviour when
importing a video file into the application. Extracting Audio and
Generating Thumbnail Cache can be defined to be either activated or off
globally for drag&drop or manual import to pool/project.

A new Preference has been implemented making it possible to decide on a
global level if the Send Routing Panners are linked to the Channel
Panner or not making it redundant to set this separately for every

Always on Top options enabling windows to float on top of all other
Nuendo application windows for the VST Connections window and the VST
Plugin Info window have been added.

more info available at:

Download Link:



Download Kapacitet: 160MB


Anonymous said...

Nuendo 4. please

Anonymous said...

I would be a bit cautious about entering your Rapidshare Password and account # on that "Rapidshare" site...

I didn't know "Rapidshare" advertised porn?

Anonymous said...

another please

Anonymous said...

and more more pleases :D

Anonymous said...

I can't unblok the protection when starting to use,ask me for a dongle. Where I can get the emu or something to unblock /patch this ? thanks for this great blog.Alex

HowwL said...

then something is wrong..releases of this install the h2o dongle..
try reinstall..or a differant version...
if you cant find it any where..come back here and ask..ill find it..

Anonymous said...

its a demo version and asks for password, and it seems a trojan is also packed in the installation files wtf?

HowwL said...

I dont know...

others said they had probs with this..
see above

Anonymous said...

i am also having problems with lack of a 'protection device' i noticed some others have had the same issue- what was the resolution if any??

HowwL said...

I use nuendo

its here somewhere.. do a search...
if you need it.. I will dig it up... it works well... for some time now