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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Sonnox Oxford Plugin Bundle

S onnox.Oxford.R3.Dynamics.Native.VST.v1.3.1-AiR
S onnox.Oxford.R3.EQ.Native.VST.v1.6.1-AiR
Sonnox.Oxf ord.TransMod.Native.VST.v1.3.1-AiR



Anonymous said...

cant get the native plugins working with the version of cubase i got here... gutted; they were working ok on my old version but fancied upgrading cubase too... wish i hadnt bothered!

ta anyways - this is an awesome bundle... just wish id kept my old cubase installer!

Audio Pirate said...

what version of cubase was you using? i might be able to get it for you

Anonymous said...

this one won't accept the password for me...

Anonymous said...

Superfantastic work with the site, but this link is down :(

Anonymous said...

Powercore plugins don`t work with Powercore X8 and v3.0.1


Anonymous said...

does it work with pro tools le7.4 because i install the vst files but can't find them on my inserts

Anonymous said...

I don`t know if they work w/ PROTOOLS. I work w/ Cubase 4. The SONNOX plugins are all okay in the inserts but when you open them it shows "DISABLED - plugin was not authorized for one of your Powercores."
I mean the Powercore plugins. The VSTs should work great;)

Audio Pirate said...

i was under the impression only RTAS plugs work in protools, i could be wrong

Anonymous said...

* Powercore versions don't work at all -- Powercore knows they are not authorized.

* VST work for me in Cubase 4.1.2 in 32b XPsp2

ps - Thank you audio pirate

Anonymous said...

Man, your blog is the best one of this kind, keep it working!!!!

and thanks for this great release, sony oxford makes one of the best plugins bundle available.:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a-lot! i've searched this plugins for so long and you got such a great way to pass the detector of rap!dsh@re, keep on the good and secret work!

Red said...


I can't get the vst's working on Windows XP with SP3 and Cubase SX3. While on Windows Vista with Cubase SX3 they do work! The problem is that my production machine runs with XP so can anyone tell me if these vst's should work on XP with Cubase SX3? They show up unloadable in Cubase SX3.
Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

i'm running pro tools le and i am also having problems. i believe it should work. any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I've got the same problem.
I've downloaded Cubase SX 3 and Sonnox Pluginbundle from Audiopirate.
The plugininformation in Cubase sais could not load the plugins.

Anonymous said...

Can sombody please help me? I use pro tools and all the Sonnox plugins cause pro tools to crash when I use use them.

Anonymous said...

I solved the plugin unloadable in cubase sx 3 by installing this file msvcr71.dll from
into windows/system

I hope this works for others.


Anonymous said...

Is this vst only for pc, or for mac aswell?