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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

OhmForce QuadFrohmage PRO VST v1.24 incl Keygen - AIR

It is said that when a master sculptor stands in front of a new block of marble, he doesn't see a lump of stone. Instead he takes his chisel and releases the shape that is trapped within. In light of this, The Quad Frohmage is really the mother of all sonic chisels, and the average sine wave is a vast palate of tones and colours just waiting to break free.

With four channels and eight types of filter at your disposal, you won't need to be a Michelangelo to start drawing fantastic textures out of even the most mundane of sources. Rearrange channels into any combination, should you wish to knock the rough edges of one with a filter on another, or use the link switch to bind the cutoff knobs into an adjustable ratio, for unified effects across the frequency range. And, of course, for polishing up your new creations, each channel is equipped with distortion, pan, delay and volume controls.

The Quad also marks an event horizon in the evolution of the renowned Ohmforce modulation system, featuring not only the standard LFO array, but also an envelope follower and an ADSR, to which, naturally, all of the above may be assigned. These new additions can be triggered not just with audio, but also by midi velocity and pitch, enabling you to play the automation with a keyboard as if it were an instrument. In fact, the range of modulation options is so mind bogglingly large, it probably isn't healthy to even try and think about them all. Better just get on with the serious business of making the world of audio a better and richer place, and giving Rodin a run for his money while you're at it.

Some Uses :

  • Creative Remixing
  • Time - Synched filtering matching BPM
  • Unique sequencing creation for: Bass lines, Keyboards
  • Alien sound textures
  • Fantastic rhythm and percussion effects
  • Creative sound destruction ? as always!

Core features
Helpful Copy and Paste feature to duplicate modulation parameters
Modulation can even be driven by a MIDI keyboard with either velocity or tone. In this last case, you have the possibility to adjust the frequency of the filter to the corresponding note.
A Four filters unit that you can configure in every possible way
Stereo processing
Each band contains a tap delay, a filter, a distortion
30 filter modes for each separate filter
Low and Hi pass: two designs, one being auto resonant, the other more transparent. Each design comes with various slopes (12, 24, 36dB)
BP, peak, notch. Also two designs and various slopes
Comb filters
Ring mod
Moog filter emulation
Advanced LFO module with 10 LFO types ; Sample Hold and smoothness control ;
Advanced XADSR module with an extra sustain time parameter and an incredibly handy Sensitivity setting.
6 envelope followers (that can follow the input, the output, one of the bands, MIDI pitch signal)
Advanced Envelope Follower module with Attack, Hold and Release settings Apply those modulators to any parameter you want - even the three at the same time, using a factor from -1 to +1
6 event generators (to trigger the ADSRs)
Bands path can be adjusted various ways
Nice and intuitive parameter display to see modulation in real time
The 1.0.1 Update of the KORE software includes EasyAccess pages for the Quad Frohmage. This means that we have assigned its parameters to the EasyAccess page layout in KORE, so that the user will always find the same parameters (like cutoff, resonance etc.) in the same layout on the KORE controller and in the KORE software. The parameters are now automatically assigned once the user loads the QuadFrohmage into KORE.
And as usual on Ohm Force products
Useful presets instant variable transitions where all the parameters switch from the old value to the new one in a ballet you won't forget!
MIDI automation: It allows control of all parameters from *any* MIDI source and records its movements. With the MIDI feature, it's also possible to adjust the LFO phase to get accurate tempo synchronization and to obtain totally musical and rhythmic effects. All RPN and NRPN data sent or recorded are 14-bit accurate. This feature is not available on demo versions but is featured on the Frohmage free version, instruments demos or every standalone versions for you to try.
Easy MIDI configuration with Auto-Bind feature. Select a knob on the screen, activate the Auto-Bind and move a controller knob on your MIDI device: the parameter will be automatically bound to the chosen knob.
Fast configuration: Save MIDI configurations into files and reload them to avoid repeating the same operations each time you load the plug-in. Advanced MIDI support with autobind feature and fast configuration
Tempo synchronization: Instantly matches the exact beat of your track
High quality DSP algorithm: The greatest sound quality. See for yourself with any demo version or check out the samples.
Sampling rate up to 384 kHz.
Revolutionary graphic user interface! Big handy buttons which are more precise and smoother than you could imagine... With our SubPixel technology there is more definition.
Move several buttons at once, with group selection and side-click. Advanced GUI full of live-performance features, such as flying knobs, preset morphing, and grouped parameters...



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