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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The Koner Experiment - Experimental Audio Research

Artist : The Koner experiment
Title : Experimental audio research
Year: 1991
genre : Electronique
Bitrate : 224 kbps
Playtime: 53 min

the Köner experiment is the collaboration of several of the finest experimental artists of the time, namely Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 & Spectrum, Kevin Martin from God & Techno Animal, Eddie Prevost - founder of the legendary AMM, Kevin Shields tonmeister of My Bloody Valentine and Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig of Portericks.

This release was recorded during 1991 in studios in Coventry & London - the material then was sculpted in Dortmund into its present form by the much acclaimed German artists Thomas Köner + Andy Mellwig.

Taking the ethos of Experimental Audio Research to new levels, this release shows us the deep and complex nature of the music E.A.R. produce. Deep, rolling waves of sound producing emotions and thoughts like no other style can. Building atmospheres, textures and moods in a 3 ring circus as the effects alter, hypnotize and change the soundscapes throughout this 12 track CD - now featuring 2 extra cuts from the same sessions, previously unavailable.

Much sought after by fans and used by D.J.'s looking to spice up their mixes and sound clashes, this album, available again for the first time since its original foreign release back in the mid 90's ,will no doubt continue to be heralded as some of Experimental Audio Research's finest work.


1. Experimental Audio Research - Track 05 (6:38)
2. Experimental Audio Research - Track 10 (4:20)
3. Experimental Audio Research - Track 09 (4:50)
4. Experimental Audio Research - Track 08 (4:09)
5. Experimental Audio Research - Track 07 (3:58)
6. Experimental Audio Research - Track 06 (4:15)
7. Experimental Audio Research - Track 05 (6:38)
8. Experimental Audio Research - Track 04 (5:07)
9. Experimental Audio Research - Track 03 (5:09)
10. Experimental Audio Research - Track 02 (4:08)
11. Experimental Audio Research - Track 01 (3:56)


73.7 Mo available on Rapidshare.
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Anonymous said...

hey there :) i love your blog so much, it's really an amazing service you're providing here and you've brought me a long way especially with the ebooks. one thing though - why rapidshare? i really hate the download limit they have, it's a real pain in the ass to download multiple files when i have to wait 100 minutes all the time! could you change the host you upload the files to? cheers!

Unknown said...

i dont acually upload this stuff, i just search the web looking for goodies to download and share them with everyone,

yeah the rapidshare limit is a pain, there are ways round it tho

the only way ive used succesfully is by using a program called tor to change my ip address, you have to keep refreshing the ip until you find one that someones not already using with rapidshare tho

and remember to delete cookies every time you visit rapidshare with a new ip because the put cookies in your pc that id you

Anonymous said...

link is dead,pls re-up if possible!

Anonymous said...

The link is dead so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE will somebody re-up this amazing album??????