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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Another List Of Goodies.....


Fm Theory and Applications By Musicians for Musicians*


Composing Music - A New Approach by William Russo*









Virtual Instruments Magazine - September 2007*

Virtual Music - Computer Synthesis of Musical Style - David Cope MIT Press - 2001*

All Crews Journeys Through Jungle Drum And Bass Culture - Ebook*

The MIT Press Music and Probability - Jan - 2007 - eBook - LinG*

Metois - EYM - Audio - Watermark - V110 - Incl - Keygen - HAZE*

Heart - Of - Africa - CD2 - AKAI****

Audio Signal Processing for Next - Generation Multimedia Communication Systems*

Berklee - Press - Berklee - Jazz - Guitar - Chord - Dictionary*

SkySweeper - Professional - v511 - EDGE*

Modern Recording Techniques - 6th Edition by David Miles Huber - Robert E - Runstein*


25+ Producer Drum kits

9th Wonder kit
Battlecat kit
Coast to Coast kit (Inc East-West n In Between)
Dr. Dre Drum kit Vol 2
Dr. Dre Drum kit Vol 3
G-Unit kit
50 Cent (G-Unit kit)
J Dilla kit
Jay-Z kit
Kanye West kit
Lil Jon Synths kit
Luny Tunes Drum kit
M.J. Music - Dembows & Loops (104)
Monserrate kit
Nitti kit
Outkast & Too Short kit
Polow Da Don kit
Scott Storch kit (1 to 5)
Snap kit
Street Symphony Drum kit
Timbaland kit
Ying Yang & Pitbull kit
The DJ Quik Drum kit
Bonus kit+


Anonymous said...

This is the best site i ever seen!

Anonymous said...

For you :


Password: audioproducers


Music for all !

Unknown said...

thanks!! i'll make a post of this when i got time

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've just discovered your blog and I'm amazed at all the stuff you have on here! Could you re-up the Kits for all the producers on here PLEASE!!!

Unknown said...

i dont have them :( i can get them i'll post them ;)

Anonymous said...

this is indeed the best blog Ive seen as while...Wow...glad I found it...I would glad support it...

Anonymous said...

links down possible reup? also just curious if you might have the mpc 1000 tutorial book "make beats on the mpc 1000" and thanks for such a great site

Anonymous said...

hey there is it possible to reload the

fm theory and application: again

and mixing engineer again

Anonymous said...

Yo is there anyone who has the bonuskit+ from this pack?

Can you upload it please?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Do you have a download link for "Beat Making on the MPC 1000"?

Anonymous said...

would really like to download the Huber, 'modern recording techniques', but link seems to be broken.

Could you please re-up?


A_Esp said...

modern recording technique is here