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Friday, 14 December 2007

Why Is IE So Shit??????

My girlfriend is asleep on the sofa so i got some time to put a load of new stuff up, unfortunatly im not at my house so i dont have my computer and more importantly i dont have firefox, instead i have to use shitty internet explorer or even worse.... the bt yahoo browser (cringe). both of these are total shit, i cant seem to copy and paste anything without losing the formating of the text.... i cant even seem to keep new lines; i have to go through clicking the enter key where new lines should be and its taking ages, i cant copy n paste web images either, fuck this.

oh and my title banner doesnt even display properly with these poo browsers

man i forgot how shit these things are :(

so i cant be arsed to put all this fresh stuff on will do it tomorrow, in the mean time heres the latest download.......


its free, regularly updated, customisable and a million times better than IE, no question.

some recommended addons/plugins.....

No Script (must have)

McAfee Site Advisor Plugin (must have)

Tor, Privoxy & Vidalia & Torbutton

theres more i like using but cant think at the mo..... if ya want to list any you use, stick it a comment below (with a link) :)

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