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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Tape 808 Sample Wav Pack


The Tape 808 Sample Wav Pack

Not another 808 sample !... Well actually it isn`t...

This is 407 samples taken from two 808`s,
recorded into an ampex 351 1/2" valve 2 track tape machine.
Thats not all... We also put the 8o8`s through our
vintage gear and recorded the 808`s naked into a Metric Halo ULN-2
firewire audio card. Then we chose the best samples.
All 24 bit... and all analogue goodness !

If you can`t get hold of a real 808 then this is as
close as you can get... Maybe even better than having the real thing.
Bass Drum: 172 sample
Conga: 36 sample
Cymbal: 49 sample
HiHat: 26 sample
Perc: 24 sample
SnareDrum: 65 sample
Tom: 36 sample

the link is deleted, but you can buy it HERE

you also find other samples to download there.... for FREE!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! The link is dead. I would be very glad if you could reupload the package. thank you for your time


link is dead !!

Anonymous said...

Link is dead... I'll probably buy it anyway... So cheap!

Unknown said...

yes buy it, support the makers

your a good man!!

Anonymous said...

Don't by this shyt I got a working link. Fucc supportin them. Here

Ellaguru said...

thanx for your blog!
discover just now!
see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank You to whoever re-up'd the link. I will share back at my regular community.

Unknown said...

fuck suporting them?? thats a bad attitude to have, i share stuff for those who cant afford to pay for stuff, not for arseholes who refuse to

Anonymous said...

Thanks audio pirate for your support... My name is Hugo and I created the Tape808... I am a very small developer making good quality products at very reasonable prices.

When I first found out my products were being given away... I felt betrayed by my fellow producers...
I suppose I was just naive... thought people would appreciate my hard work and would support me.

I understand some people can't afford to buy my products... this is why I created a free page... which I update regularly...

I don't make heaps of money from these products... just enough to pay the rent.

To those who have bought my stuff, I thank you for your support and promise to keep making good quality products at a fair price...


Unknown said...

thank you for being so polite about this hugo,

like i say, i started this blog for those of us who want to make music but cant afford to pay for all the expensive stuff that we need to do it, but you will get people who can afford it but just wont pay for anything because they are tight as arseholes (see anon #3 above)

your free section is amazing!! the fact that you do give a shit about those who cant afford to buy decent samples is really cool and tbh is one of the main reasons i dont post goldbaby stuff here anymore

anyways, i wish you the best mate, hopefully after reading your post more people will understand why you should support the developers if you can

Unknown said...

oh n heres the link for those that have just read that and felt they need to go a lil cash on some dope new samples.... or maybe just go and get some dope new samples for free ;)

Anonymous said...

hi , i'm italian..i can get this Pack?? please ,you know a new link for donwload.please. my email is

Anonymous said...