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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sonic Refills Gold Bundle (20 volumes) [Refill]

With the Sonic Refills Gold Bundle, you get volumes 1 through 20 of the stunning
Sonic Refills for Reason series. This is the ultimate collection to supercharge Reason.

The 20 volumes!

The 20 volumes you get are:
Synths 1
Synths 2
Rhythm Section
Pianos & Organs
OmniSoundz GM
Reality Drums
Monster Drums
Vintage Drums
Instruments of the 60's & 70's
Retro Keys
Acoustic Folk
World Percussion
Ethnic Instruments
Film Orchestra
Triple Bass
Triple Guitars
Synths 3
Vocal Textures

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Anonymous said...

Might somebody be able to ReUp this fab bundle?

Anonymous said...

all the sonic refill gold links have been deleted.
please, if u can upload 'em again would be great.cos i need that badly.


Anonymous said...

Reup please

Anonymous said...

ya please can u re up..

Anonymous said...

Please re up

Anonymous said...

I think these should work

ODDnumber05 said...

has anyone used these?

Anonymous said...

please x5 RE-UP

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded most of the files...23 of 37 so far.... the links seem fine.
The samples I have extracted so far are great....thanks to Audio Pirate!!!!
When the spring rolls back around ( a better financial time for me ) I will make some donations to this site to help spread the love.

Anonymous said...

Nice, still alive :)

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare is saying that the links in the above comments sections can't be found.

Any info about reups or correct links?

Anonymous said...

someone could reupload this refill?

Anonymous said...

Might somebody be able to ReUp this refill? PLEEAAASE