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Independent Music Network
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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Ragga Jungle Dubs

Dur.: 1:12:58
Genre: Electronic
Style: Jungle
Bitrate: VBR HQ (avg 156 kbps)

1 Barrington Levy & Beenie Man - Jungle Dub 5:00
2 Redrose - Hotter Junglematical Style (Drum & Bass Dub) 6:42
3 Ninja Man, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man & Ninja Ford - People Dead (Jungle Dub) 6:09
4 Actin Man, Admiral Bailey & Frankie Paul - Jump Up (Drum & Bass Dub) 5:22
5 Dawn Penn & Bounty Killer - You Don't Love Me (No No No) (Drum & Bass Dub) 5:47
6 Bounty Killer - New Blood Split (Drum & Bass Dub) 3:13
7 Redrose & Rebel - Gun Talk (Original Dub Plate Lick) 6:56
8 Admiral Bailey & Mad Cobra - Skin Out (Drum & Bass Dub) 6:29
9 Cowboy Ranger - Gangster Don't Joke (Drum & Bass Dub) 5:11
10 Josey Wales, Beenie Man &ini Kamoze - Build Me 3 Coffins 5:10
11 Michael Prophet & Beenie Man - Gunman (Gun & Bass Dub) 5:51
12 Barrington Levy - Here I Come (Drum & Bass Dub) 5:30
13 Johnny Osbourne - Jungle Buddy Bye (Hiroo Onoda Dub) 5:44


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Thanks for sharing the music!