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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Mixvibes DVS 6 + 6.15 Update + Additional Skins


MIXVIBES DVS uses revolutionary and innovative technology, ensuring that you experience THE genuine vinyl feeling when mixing digital audio files. It is the only product that allows you to control your PC using either turntables or CD players WITHOUT any specific hardware - for the lowest price !

MixVibes DVS software has many professional features :

> MixVibes 6 Pro. Audio Engine (genuine vinyl sound)
> Master tempo (up to100%!)
> Scrolling Waveform / All tracks preview
> AutoBPM Counting / Matching
> Graphic Beat Offset
> Seamless loops
> Advanced music databases support
> Realtime effects (flanger, filter ...)
> Skins
> Fully MIDI controlable

More info: Here


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Size: 2x76MB & 1x12MB = 165MB

EnJoy! wink

Author: godbeat (21 December 2006 13:14)

includes de media tempo?


no.. not included.. is just like anohter mix program... i preferr traktor.

take a look on this if u want use with all the power.

Author: ineedcash (22 December 2006 23:58)

thankx for this! i ordered them vinyls today but i also need a soundcard with 2 strereo in and 2 strereo out plus another strereo in if you want to record in the computer. but i think i gon order some too cause its too cool to do a mixtape fully mixed and scratched n shit with your own stuff. thanks again! wink clap2 clap2 thx iґd luv to see the new update on this page in near future!

Author: moksha (4 February 2007 06:54

I've been trying to get this working for two weeks now and I just can't get it working!!!!! angry

I have an EMU 1616m soundcard with tons of inputs and outputs, but I just can't get the program to sync with the vinyl. I have the new V2B vinyls. Can someone please help?

Author: ndk (6 February 2007 18:00)


sensless to download if you want to use with vinyls! needle drop impossible and update also not possible.

there is only one reg code in the whole internet and this one is blacklisted

better write a reg code generator or reup more codes.


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