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Friday, 14 December 2007

Masterbits Monsterpack Sound Library

8 CD ISO5.5GB 10,455 soundsWAV / 16 BiT / 44.1 KHZTonal elements such as licks & lines, arepredominantly C major or A minor compatible.All the loops of this library, are already "cut to fit" andpre-produced into one of the 9 Tempi (60 / 150 BPM).Atmospheres, Acoustic Basslines, Guitars, Bass Drums, Bass Samples,Brass Licks. Brass Samples, Chords, Chord Lines, Cymbals, Drum Fill,Drum Loops, Dance Piano, E-Bass Lines, E-Piano Lines, E Perc Effects,New Age Instruments - Lines - Vocals, Organ Lines - Chords, Rhodes,Guitar Chords, Elements, Effects, Licks, Gated Chords, House Chords,Orchestra Chords, Gliss, Hits, Licks, Violins, Saxophone, Piano ChordsPercussion Loops, Samples, Toms, Hi Hats, Snare Drums, Textures,Machines, Industrial, Scratches, Vinyl, Synbass Lines, SFX (natural)Strings arpeggios, stacatto, pizzicatto, spicatto, tremolo, unisono,Vocals Classic, Female, Male, Traffic, Space (NASA) Apollo 11 + 13.

password: brass

disc 01 TEKKNO

disc 02 HOUSE

disc 03 HIP-HOP

disc 04 DANCE

disc 05 ROCK/POP


disc 07 VOCALS


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Anonymous said...

Hi! How's it going? I really love this blog man, but could repost the "Masterbits Monsterpack Sound Library" somewhere else? The doesn't seem to work anymore.. Thanks in advance! And keep up the good work, your blog kicks ass!!