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Friday, 14 December 2007

Fruity Loops XXL 7.0.2 Cracked

FOR 25,000 HITS!!!!!

FL Studio is a fully featured, open-architecture music creation and production environment for PC. No extra software is required* to produce any style of music, as the complete set of instrument and studio tools is included in the cost of the package. With the included plugins, sounds and tools the user can create complete songs, as well as backing tracks, loops and sizzling beats. Completed songs can be saved to WAV, MP3 or MIDI or .ZIP or native project formats (.FLP).
Representing the culmination of more than 9 years of sustained development, FL Studio 7 is set to become the most flexible virtual music studio tool in the industry.

FL Studio Producer Edition is a full-featured sequencer perfectly suited for creation of complex songs and realistic drum loops, with 32 bit internal mixing and advanced MIDI support. The resulting song or loop can be exported to a WAV/MP3 file and all MIDI events can be exported to a standard MIDI file.

FL Studio Producer Edition is a pattern based sequencer, which means you create your songs in pieces (patterns) using the Step Sequencer and the Piano Roll view and then weld those pieces together using the Playlist window (the Playlist also supports full-featured audio tracks with hardrrive streaming). Then you can add a wide range of effects to your instruments (reverb, phaser, flanger etc.) and route the resulting mixer tracks in any way you like to create complex mixing chains with ease.

Chief Software Architect, Didier Dambrin has realized his vision of creating an open-architecture virtual studio environment where the only constraint on the users is their own imagination. This philosophy is reflected in FL Studio 7Тs flexible audio and control data routing, free-form Playlist design and interoperability with industry standards (VST/VSTi/VST2, DXi, DXi2, Buzz, ReWire, MIDI, MP3, WAV, OGG). Didier notes ФWe don't try to protect our data & come up with new formats only for marketing reasons. We use existing standards as much as possible, and allow FL Studio be used as a plugin in other hostsУ. In version 7, particular emphasis has been given to improved workflow through enhanced interface design, so that ideas can be crystallized and creativity captured.

Make virtually any sound. FL7 includes 13 virtual synthesizers covering acoustic/synthetic bass, electric guitar and plucked string simulation, sampler tools including piano, general sample playback, and beat-slicing, and a range of synthesis techniques (subtractive, modelling, FM, granular and additive).

Audio Recording & Editing
Capture audio from a single vocalist right through to a full symphony orchestra. FL7 can record up to 64 simultaneous tracks of audio#. The Playlist workspace can contain an unlimited number of audio tracks and allows you to arrange discrete audio events in any order, and position the creative process dictates with complete flexibility. Audio tools allow the ability to time-stretch, pitch-shift, beat-slice, chop, edit and creatively destruct audio. FL7 also introduces Edison, a fully featured mastering wave editor and recorder. FL Studio supports WAV, MP3 and OGG formats.

Record musical performances and ideas in the most logical way. FL7 functions as both a pattern and track based sequencer depending on user preferences. Tools include an unlimited track Step-sequencer, an industry-leading Piano Roll and Automation Clips. FL Studio supports MIDI and input from all standard Controllers.

Determine your own project design. In FL7, you decide how your project will be laid out. Unlike the competition, FL7's Playlist is a totally flexible and virtually unbounded space where Note Pattern, Audio and Automation data can be arranged, and edited to suit your creative ideas and workflow.

The most powerful mixer in its class. FL7 includes an industry-leading 64 stereo track mixer. Each track can include up to 8 effects and can also be routed to any of the other 64 tracks or one of 4 dedicated 'send' channels. The 44 included effects plugins span Compression, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Filtering, Phasing, Flanging, Chorus, Vocoding and Reverb. These will take you from the creative broad-brush effects like reverb, through to the minutia of the mastering process with multiband compression/limiting and parametric EQ.

Lifetime free updates
Registered FL Studio users who purchase the download edition of the program receive lifetime free updates to the level of the program they buy (Express, Fruity Loops or Producer edition). For example, all FL Studio 6 customers will be able to download FL Studio 7 free, FL Studio 8 free and so on. Boxed edition users can purchase lifetime free updates for a nominal fee.

Key new features and changes:
- FL now supports track-based sequencing. Pattern Clips present sequence data in the method as Audio and Automation Clips.
- Edison replaces the Wave Editor - Edison is a fully integrated audio editing and recording tool complete with spectral analysis, convolution reverb + more
- Love Philter - is a bank of 8 ganged filter units for total flexibility and creative filtering mayhem.
- Parametric EQ2 - introduces a mastering parametric EQ with spectral analysis :
- Event Automation can now be converted to Automation clips.
- Updated audio stretching engine for FL Studio & FL plugins (where applicable).
- Multi-core safe generators can now be threaded for performance gain on multi-core CPUs.
- Smoother audio 'record to disk' performance with high track-counts.
- Note OFF velocity support for the Piano roll, MIDI files, MIDI out & Sytrus.
- 'Smart Disable' mode for generator plugins, previously was effects only.
- A 'News Panel', to keep users updated with content and patches.
- Plugin windows can now be detached from the FL Studio desktop.
- DirectWave sampler now loads AIFF samples & includes a VST preset loader in auto sampler function.
- Sytrus gains multi-level СUndoТ a 'Cherry' phaser filter, 256 unit Harmonics editor (up from 128), automatable unison panning, volume and pitch.
- FPC acquires wave start/end point selection. SFZ export and loads AIFF, MP3 and REX files.
- Mono source recording. Mono ASIO inputs now handled by the mixer IN list.
- New user-definable keyboard velocity curve mapping in MIDI setup.
- Support for Apple Loops AIFF extensions.

FL Studio 7.0.2 - Starblunter Crack

Alternatively heres the AiR release of 7.0u2 if you want that instead


Azaria said...

There's no link, just the word "download"

Audio Pirate said...

ooops sorry lol

just noticed it myself

will fix it now ;)

Audio Pirate said...


Germán said...

my friend your blog is true excellence!!

i need Protools M audio for mac haved?


BRK said...

:O I have a VIRUS with the package...

Where is the problem please?

Sorry for my english, i'm french ^^


rava said...

the crack doesn't work... isnt'it?

Audio Pirate said...

virus??? i dont think so

the crack does work, read the nfo or txt file that comes with it

it works perfectly on my computer

Anonymous said...

The program works fine and it is completely virus free. In order to launch it you have to click on the Crack. If you click on the FL Studio shortcut then the program will open in DEMO mode. What I did was I deleted the FL7 shortcut from my desktop, and copied a shortcut from the crack to my desktop, then I replaced the Crack icon with the FL7 one. : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pirate!

This Fix worked for me...
But is there anyway to have it fixed as a VSTi or rewire.

This is how I mainly use this program.

If anyone has any leads to a way to fix this, let me know.

Anonymous said...


Audio Pirate said...

[quote] What I did was I deleted the FL7 shortcut from my desktop, and copied a shortcut from the crack to my desktop, then I replaced the Crack icon with the FL7 one. : ) [/quote]

yup, thats what i did too

if i can find a way for it to be used as a vsti i will post it ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah that would be cool Pirate,
I would like to use it too.


Anonymous said...

the vsti or rewire fix
that is..


Chelsea said...

You rule, Audio Pirate!! FL Studio is THE greatest program I've ever used in my songwriting is going to totally evolve with this!! ^-^

Jessica said...

ThankS A.P.!

I will be checking in for those VSTi & Rewire Patches.

I would love to use that 2


Audio Pirate said...

i dont think i'll find anything that will let you use the version you have already installed as a vsti or rewire,

but this version by air is a different sort of crack, i dont know if it will work but your welcome to try....

Fl Studio Prod Ed v7.0u2-AIR

Jessica said...

Thanks hun,

Can I get the password?
I just downloaded it =)

You're the best Pirate in my book!

Audio Pirate said...

oh yeah the password sorry lol!

its beatforlife



Anonymous said...

hi i downloaded it then found a trojan

Audio Pirate said...

it must be a false positive, i use this one personally and have had no problems

Anonymous said...

When I Click On Download it Takes Me To That Site Where I have To Pay For An Acoount. I Thought It Was Free?

Audio Pirate said...

click the free button (!?!?)

jayzfull2007 said...

For some reason FL still opened up in the demo mode and said my registration code has expired. Where did I go wrong? When i clicked the .exe file in the crack folder it didn't work. Can someone help?

Audio Pirate said...

you need to copy the exe file from the crack folder and paste it into the fl studio folder (c:\program files\image line\fl studio)

now use this to open fl studio, not the original fl one

and replace the shortcut to fl on your desktop with a shortcut to the new cracked exe file

Anonymous said...

could someone help me with the downloader?
It had a problem installing it, but when i open Fl i got the downloader and when i try to download samples there is always an error, i clicked on options and theres a box called proxy server, what shall I type in that box? or isn't that the problem, because in my version there is nothing in that box typed in...sorry for my english but I'm German...

Audio Pirate said...

you cant download samples from the internet in a cracked version of fruity

daniel said...

you are a god!


Anonymous said...

I make everything as you guys said and still when i open fl whit the shortcut from cracked exe file from fl folder its open whit demo version and i cant save anything.Dunno why but you guys dont say that file fl_date_trick_by_JJohnny.dll need to copy 2.So i make everything twice and still open a demo version whit NO SAVE.-.-

Audio Pirate said...

if you follow the instructions it should work

if your having trouble try the AiR version, its just a straight forward install

Anonymous said...

Thx Audio Pirat i dl the air version and it works fine for now,big thx.

RadioheadRocksKK said...

hey im new to this kinda thing but any help you guys can tell me would be great!

I use Fruity Loops 7.0 XXL
i have a M-Audio Radium 61 MIDI Controller
and a program/VSTi & DXi? called Elektrik Piano by Native Instruments.

I was wondering how I could put that elektrik piano VSTi or the program in general to run through my FL.

I jsut cant understand how to do the VSTi and DXi installation, if this is possibe I would greatly appreciate all help possible!


dnava84 said...

the installation seems like it hangs up when "installing deckadence installer (~20mb"

Anonymous said...

it say fl exe was not found or something should i do it over and try agian or can some1 help me right now?

Anonymous said...

im having the same problem ive been stuck in "downloading the deckadance installer (-20mb)" for about an hour should i keep waiting?

Audio Pirate said...

when installing, uncheck deckadance installer.... its only a demo anyway, you dont need it

Matt said...

i love you! i was just about to buy it for cash when i saw this! THANKS! you saved me alot of money =p

Matt said...

Trend micro shows that demofucker_starblunter.exe is a trojan. the crack works fine but whys it keep saying this?

Audio Pirate said...

it must be a false positive... never picked up as a trojan on my system

ive been using this version myself for ages... only switched to FL8 about a week ago

FL is a great piece of software, as soon as i can afford it im gonna buy it... i get sooo much use out of it, its well worth the money!!

Anonymous said...

The download link isn't working anymore. do you have any different links?

Tom said...

Yeah, the thing doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

The file could not be found. Please check the download link.

CobraVerde said...


Skola said...