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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

ASK Video - Ableton Live Tutorial DVD

thanks to aldlaz:

Live DVD Content:

3.The Menus
4.The Browser
5.Getting started
6.The Library
7.Control Bar
8.The Mixer
9.Arrangement View vs. Session View
10.Clip Track View
11.Warping 1
12.Warping 2
13.Recording Audio
14.Audio Effects
15.Beat Repeater
16.Track Automation
18.Clip Transport
19.Recording Midi
20.Midi Editing
21.Midi Effects
22.Editing in Arrangement View
23.Midi Remote
24.Keyboard Remote
26.Cue Monitoring
27.Cross fader
28.Launching Clips
32.VST Instruments
34.Routing IO
35.Clip Envelopes
36.Follow Actions
38.Tips and Tricks: Granular Stretch, Changing BPM with Scene, Consolidating Clips, DJing with Live, No Cutting of Effects on Clips, Making beats with clip envelopes.


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Size: 959MB

No Pass!

Please don't complain about links posted over the service. Also please DON'T post direct links here, if you don't want files to be deleted. This one took me 6hrs to upload, and believe me i don't feel so happy to reup it again with another 6hrs... Cheers!


Anonymous said...

thank you for this!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yea I can relate. That uploading is a labor. Deletion is devastating. BTW where is a good kontakt tutorial?

Unknown said...

Man, i love u! Great post! I hope u keep doing beautiful things like that... Tks.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this one.....

Anonymous said...

thanks dude this has really helped me out!