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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Ableton Live 6.0.7 Mac intel

Ableton Live 6 ( Windows Macintosh )

Mac Version


Author: timewarp (7 August 2007 09:27)

this has been on a few trackers and is also banned form some private trackers, here is a quote that is floating around with it.

"Just a quick word of caution here guys... as with all other patched versions of Ableton, this release will stop working when the software runs it's internal checksum routine.

In past versions, this has been noted to be anything between 1 and 7 weeks.... but eventually, this WILL stop working

Of course, when the inevitable does occur, there are ways to get it back up and running but you won't be able to load any of the work you saved b4 it ran the checksum.
...and again, after another 1-7 weeks, it will fail again and taint your project files.

its banned from some trackers because its not a proper release or working proper(fully), as a it triggers off a massive comments thread of "it works" and "No!! it doesn't" kind of comments etc etc.


Mathias said...

Will there ever be a working crack for Ableton Live for mac?

Anonymous said...

warning , dont be connected to internet while using this version, your ableton live will be tracked, and like me you will only have your eyes 2 cry

Anonymous said...

hey my ableton 6.07 mac version was working fine but i was connected to internet and they tracked me. Now every time i open ableton it says "copy right violation please contact support" you guys know how to get rid of that and make ableton work again??thanx

Mathias said... and read GreyMatters comment. Then Live will work again. But you can't open your old Live sets. But if you find your Live set in the live browser, you can drag all the tracks into a new Live set and save it with another name. Then you can use your old Live sets again. But eventually Live will crash again.
Sorry for my english...