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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

37 ConcreteFX Plugins

This is a pack of plugins from ConcreteFX
It contains 37 plugins

contents :
Ameoba: Amoeba is a 8 bar organ PC VSTi synth

Bubbler: Bubbler is a free synth which simulates a ball bouncing against the walls of a box to create sounds

Buffered: Buffered is a buffer altering vst effect. It takes in certain length of sound , saves this
is a buffer. Data is then read out of this buffer , the read position in the sound buffer
is determined by the big buffer map screen. This allows you to do think like reverse the
sound , change the pitch and over more extreme sound modifications

Chimecho :Is a spectral delay which splits the signal into 16 bands and applies a different delay to
each individual band

Copier :Copier is a free prototype granular resynth. It splits the sound into a large number of sample grains
which are recombined together to create a new version of the sound

CrossSynth :

Debaser : It feature two FX units, which can be used in parallel or serially, and a feedback line which feeds the output back into the FX units

Delayer: Delayer is 32 delay plugin


Flaser :Is a sort of flanger/chorus/phaser/delay type thing

FreeDice :FreeDice is a free prototpe beat slicer. It allows you to create regions within
a sample which are triggered when you press a key

FreeSlicerV1a :FreeSlicer is a free prototpe sample frequency slicer. It splits the sample into 4 bands and
passes these to 4 output channels.

LightIndustry : LighIndustry is the two osc version of the PC VSTi Industry softsynth

LinkFilter :LinkFilter is a free side-filter/autowah VST plugin, it filters the right stereo channel
with a filter whose frequency is dependant on the volume of the left stereo channel

Lowbit :Lowbit is a vsti which distorts and degrades sounds

Midif :MidiF is a very basic prototype midi follower

Mooper :Mooper is a vsti which plays a sample where you can modulate the loop start and finish position
use two LFO

OverChorus :OverChorus is a over-sampled chorus/flanger

Position :Position is a sample player where you can alter the play position within the sample over time using an envelope/LFO

PositionFX :PositionFX is the fx version of Position

PShift :Pshift is a spectral tape shifter / mangler

Qamp :Qamp is a amp simulation VST plugin

QCell :Qcell is a cellular automata based synth PC VST plugin

QSpectPro :QspectPro is a free spectrum analysizer VST plugin

ReicherWhite :Reicher is a vsti which plays four instances of the same sample with different start / finish time and phase, so creating
effects where the samples go in and out of sync with each other

Repeater :Repeater is a infinite repeating delay , you record in some sound and this recorded
sound is then repeated for as long as you want

Revz :Revz splits the sound into 8 bands , and then reverses each band with different reverse time

Rock :Rock is a distortion synth using two oscillators and filters which uses
lots of shaping options and effects to create some nasty and twisted sounds

SpectGate :SpectGate splits the signal into 16 bands and applies a noise gate to each band. A Noise gate stops any sound which is lower than
a set volume

SpectRing :Is a spectral ring modulator which takes in the left & right signals, splits both signals into 64 bands,
multiplies the left and right bands for each of the 64 and adds these products together together

StereoBand :Stereoband splits the signal into 8 bands and changes the stereo spread by delaying the left/right signal
and you can also change the pan position of each band

SubOct :Suboct is a sub octave generator. Suboct divides the signal into and adds a signal to each which is 0-3 octaves
below the signal

TapeDelay :TapeDelay is a PC Vst emulation of a tape-delay

VariDelay :VariDelay is a free VST plugin, which uses two delay lines with variable read rates to
create delays,chorus, lo-fi pitch and other type effects

VFilter :VFilter is a vector filter , clicking on the screen allows you to interpolate between 4 different filters

Vibro :

Woo :Woo is a vsti vocal theremin where you control the pitch and vowel sound using the mouse in the
big screen. Clicking the screen starts the sound (you can also use it as an effect where it acts as a
vowel filter)

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