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Sunday, 18 November 2007

ProTools Method One DVD

ProTools Methode One DVD

DVD Training Course for Pro Tools Systems
Designed specifically to help Digidesign Pro Tool system owners make the
most of their Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools LE, or Pro Tools M-Powered system,
the Digidesign Pro Tools Method One instructional DVD helps users get familiar with the vast capabilities
of the industry's most popular digital audio workstation.

In Pro Tools Method One, Composer Eddie Heidenreich - a Digidesign-certified Pro Tools Expert Instructor and former Digidesign Product Specialist - explains core concepts and Pro Tools techniques in a simple, straight-forward manner that's easy to follow. Heidenreich covers everything from setting up sessions and recording audio to advanced topics, such as editing MIDI, working with loops and plug-ins, and automating mixes. Pro Tools Method One is also heavily indexed, allowing users to return to any chapter or subchapter to review important topics.

Though not a substitute for certified Pro Tools training, Pro Tools Method One provides an excellent foundation for anyone interested in pursuing formal, Digidesign-certified Pro Tools training through any of the worldwide Digidesign Training Partner facilities.

Digidesign Pro Tools Method One Features:
Offers an expert overview of core Pro Tools software concepts and techniques in a simple, straight-forward manner.
Provides a strong foundation for Digidesign-certified Pro Tools training course.
Features examples from both Windows and Macintosh systems.
1 hour and 53 minutes, with heavy indexing to find topics easily.
The DVD includes training on:
- Session basics
- Recording and editing audio
- Navigation techniques
- Playback engine strategy
- Recording to a click
- Overdubbing
- Working with DigiBase
- Loop production techniques
- Setting up, recording, and editing MIDI
- Basic mixing
- Mastering tips
- Back up strategies
Covers everything from basic system set-up to advanced topics.

Linx can be used in flasget... w/o pw



koolguy65 said...

hey great share! but isn't there supposed to be a .r01 part? because i see 2 .r00 files but not the .r01. or is this correct? thanks in advance!!

Audio Pirate said...

yeah it was missing updated the list now though

Anonymous said... is mssing so allthe dvd to the garbage..thank you..... :(

MIke said...

ahh oh no! It's true!
does not exist... perhaps the url is broken? maybe it's there? help?

Audio Pirate said...

part 33 re-up:


Anonymous said...

part 33 re-up:

Audio Pirate said...

look above^^^

Giovaxe said...

the Part # 33 is broken Please. say Something,could you repost it or not?/Thanks...

Howwwl said...

part 33 re-up:


read the above comments....

Anonymous said...

Please help me.
part 63 is garbage or has wrong format

Anonymous said...

part 69 does not exist.
Please help

Anonymous said...


I have a problem with part 69, this is wrong format , please help