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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Image-Line PoiZone 2.02

Image-Line PoiZone 2.02

Image-Line PoiZone 2.02

PoiZone is a subtractive software synthesizer designed to bring you professional quality results, without a learning curve that hinders your creativity.
The concept behind PoiZone was to design a synthesizer that had a great sound derived from the smallest number of controls, without sacrificing flexibility and features. Non-essential controls wereruthlessly removed so what remains is a user interface where every knob counts. Once you have spent some time auditioning the preset patches we are sure you will agree that PoiZone packs a lot of punch in what appears to be a simple package, enjoy!

PoiZone has the following key features- Voicing 2 main oscillators for subtractive synthesis: SAW and PULSE shapes, pulse width adjustable.
1 NOISE Oscillator. Variable polyphony (1 to 32 voices). Modulation ,SYNC modulation.
RING modulation.
PULSE WIDTH Modulation.
2 ADSR envelope generators (one user-assignable to modulation parameters).
3 FILTER modes - low pass, band pass and high pass. PoiZone features a warm, analogmodelled filter with self oscillation.
The PoiZone filter can sound bright and clean passing high-frequencies transparently or or 'gritty and grungy' with the addition of resonance (including carefully crafted distortion) for that'exciting' sound. Special attention has been given to precise KEYTRK filter tuning so that the PoiZone filter can track keyboard frequency precisely, allowing the filter to be used as an oscillator.
Keyboard and Velocity tracking for the filter.
DELAY effect, with tempo-synced click-free stereo delays and delay time modulation. Lo-cut and hi-cut for trancers! CHORUS provides a fat and warm sound with excellent unison emulation.

4 voice UNISON with user-adjustable stereo panning and 'Octaver'. The Octaver expands the harmonic range and flexibility of the unison sound. Additionally it allows to support the creation of realistic 'vox-like' effects.

256 Patches created by industry professionals.
Muti-mode Arpeggiator.
Noise Gate with an adjustable 16 step pattern. The gate features smoothness control and the ability to import/export patterns to .fxp files.

MIDI learn feature with the ability to save/load MIDI setups to/from a patch.
LFO and MOD WHEEL modulation. Can be assigned to a wide range of performance parameters in PoiZone.

More info: Here


Pass: AleX

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Author: one2oo (14 October 2007 04:07)


1) Run poizone_install.exe (it will install plugin as fruity vsti, standalone application & additional one in VST folder)

2) Copy PoiZone.dll to 3 locations (replace existed ones):
a) C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 7\Plugins\Fruity\Generators\
b) C:\Program Files\Image-Line\PoiZone\PoiZone.dll
c) C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\PoiZone\PoiZone.dll (or your specified VST folder)

3) Run (double click) regkey.reg to register product

4) Enjoy all synth versions without hiss tongue

Thank you


Nakiel said...

Trojan program Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Adload.qj File: .\ILPZ202\PoiZone.dll
Trojan program Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Adload.qz File: .\ILPZ202\poizone_install.exe//stream//data0010

Anonymous said...

There is no trojan, but this dll trying to load some adwertising from image-line site, thats why it has been marked as "Suspicious File" is some antiviruses like Kaspersky, AVG..

Panda, NOD, DrWeb & E-Safe are still didn`t see any threat in this file.

Anonymous said...

Darn AVG keeps deleting poizone files (dll's) after scan.Can't seem to make it ask for permission first.No trojan just anti-virus paranoia.Any way to block AVG for scanning these files or asking before deleting?Thanks in advance...

Audio Pirate said...

not to sure mate, i dont use avg

does it have an ignore list or something??

skoob doo said...


Anonymous said...

There is no trojan - tested by Kaspersky internal testers. False positive removed from database :)

Anonymous said...

Image-line Poizone 2.0 is down!
Please re-up.. :-)