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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Cakewalk Studio Instruments v.1.0 Full

Cakewalk Studio Instruments v.1.0 Full

Cakewalk Studio Instruments es todo lo que usted necesita para convertir su computadora en INSTRUMENTOS!!!!
No puede tocar bajo, batería, piano, o violín? ¡No hay problema! Con un solo click del ratón estará haciendo música. ¡Así de fácil!

Cakewalk Studio Instruments introducen el primer programa para PC muy fácil de usar. Cakewalk Studio Instruments incluye un Juego de alta calidad de Batería, Bajo, Piano Eléctrico, y Sección de Cuerdas que puede ser tocada independiente (Stand Alone) o dentro de su software favorito de música como Cakewalk Sonar, SoundForge, Steinberg Cubase, etc. ya que es compatible como VST.

Cakewalk Studio Instruments incluye secuencias pregrabadas tocadas por músicos profesionales así que usted puede construir las secciones para sus canciones, la práctica, o para divertirse tocando con ellas.


Tamaño: 175 MB



Cakewalk Instruments Studio is all you need to turn your computer into INSTRUMENTS!!
There can play low, drums, piano, or violin? No problem! With a single click of a mouse will be doing music. So easy!

Studio Cakewalk Instruments introduced the first PC program very easy to use. Cakewalk Instruments Studio includes a game high quality Drums, Bass, Electric Piano and Strings Section that can be performed independently (Stand Alone) or within their software favorite music as Cakewalk Sonar, SoundForge, Steinberg Cubase, etc.. Since it is compatible as VST.

Cakewalk Instruments Studio includes pre-recorded sequences played by professional musicians so you can build sections for his songs, practice, or to have fun playing with them.


Anonymous said...

the serials don't work :(

Unknown said...

yeah i had probs with the serials too when i installed it

try these sites for new serials....

i got my serial from one of those

Anonymous said...

for mac please, do you have,

Anonymous said...

Serial: CWSI-1.00-834704-580295 Code: 8FD4-B15E-1655-A691