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Monday, 15 October 2007

Toontrack EZdrummer - EZX Vintage Rock HYBRID DVDR

EZX-s are expansion packs for dfh EZdrummer featuring drums and percussion sound banks to be used with the basic EZD module. They also contain additional MIDI files to offer you even more choice building your tracks.

The philosophy behind EZX is to give the user sounds recorded and mixed by the best in the business at an affordable price. The sounds are tweaked with specific genres in mind and recorded by top producers. When loading an EZX an interactive picture of the drumkit contained in that expansion will appear in the main window of EZD and allow all the prelistening and construction features specific to that particular expansion.

rar pass: digitalmusic_


Anonymous said...

Sup Mr P,

Was wondering if you might have the actual EZ Drummer lurking here somewhere. I see all these addons, but cant seem to find the original VSTi. Just thought Id ask.

Great job, dude.

imagoodsharer said...

I'm also looking for the actual program. I was told it's about 17 GB. I know of a working torrent but torrents don't work for me :(

Any chance of Rapidshare links, pleease.

Anonymous said...

Please re-up EZX packages on rapidshare !!! Thx in advance :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I've got the EZX twisted extension but it comes with a trojan infected keygen! If you have a working one can you please give me a valid authorisation code?

My computer ID is AATTA-PDMHU-C9R

Thx in advance + cheers for your amazing work here!

Howwwl said...

A problem with modern AV...see's
KG's as trojans..

Been inuse by many a long time now...a false guess

robert said...

Can someone re-up this one? Thanks... Cheers!

robert said...

Any chance to get this one re-up'd? Thanks!

deed said...

lol... links doesn´t seem to work at all, can anyone reup theeze ones? ThanX in advance, Howl you´re the man.