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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Sony CD Architect v5.2c

Sony CD Architect v5.2c

[Professional Red Book Audio CD Mastering]
Produce professional audio CDs to Red Book specification with CD Architect™ 5 software. Newly updated version 5.2 includes CD text reading and writing, and updated drive support. Perform full PQ code editing, trim events from full-length media and add as new tracks, import regions from Sound Forge® software as tracks, master audio by applying over 20 real-time DirectX® effects to events and the master output, and perform disc-at-once CD burning.

CD Architect software provides the most precise audio CD mastering and burning tools available. Arrange your CD Architect project using simple drag-and-drop operations. Produce complex crossfades and DJ-style megamixes. Generate multiple takes of a song to use in your project before burning. Create live-style CDs with audio in the time between tracks, apply volume envelopes and event ASR envelopes – even create hidden tracks. CD Architect software supports a long list of drives, including many FireWire and USB devices.

[New Features]
General Editing
CD Text support
32-bit, 192kHz source audio support
High-quality resampling and dithering
Trimmer window
Undo/redo history list
Multiple file format support
Media file previewing
Tabbed/docking windows
Greater than 1:1 zoom
Ripple editing
Dual monitor support
Toolbar customization
Media Explorer
Autosave crash recovery
Supports MP3, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media® Audio, and more

Over 20 real-time DirectX® effects
Event/track and master bus effects model
Audio phase invert
Event normalize
Audio layering to create complex crossfades
Real-time pitch shift/time stretch
Slip trimming
Unlimited volume envelope points
Audio scrubbing

CD Design & Writing
Expanded drive support including USB and FireWire devices
Buffer underrun protection
Smart track reordering
Multiple takes for events
Cue sheet printing
Audio clipping detection
Automatic pause time indication

[System Requirements]
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4, XP, or Windows Vista™
500 MHz processor
40 MB hard-disk space for program installation
128 MB RAM
Windows-compatible sound card
CD-ROM drive
Supported CD-Recordable drive (for CD burning only)
Microsoft DirectX® 8 or later (included on CD-ROM)
Internet Explorer 5.1 or later (included on CD-ROM)





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installing it now. Seems to work. It's safe.