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Tuesday, 16 October 2007


    Virtual Guitar Instrument

    Slayer2 starts from where its predecessor left-off. In particular, the physical model of the guitar has been completely revamped, improving the quality of the simulation dramatically. Not only does Slayer2 sound a whole lot better, it is also much more flexible.
Slayer 2.5.3 AU ReFX
What's new in this version
    - Improved Powerchords so no overlaps of notes can happen anymore. Sounds a lot cleaner, meaner and overall more realistic.
    - The Humanise feature has been expanded a bit. Now it also adds small random-values to the incoming velocity. Great if you e.g. use the Dynamics parameter or the Velocity->Damping feature.
    - Fixed the "ModWheel -> damping" behaviour. It was broken and wrapped around to anguishing levels.
Slayer 2.5.3 AU ReFX
    - Power Mac G3 600 Mhz
    - 128 MB RAM
    - Mac OSX 10.2
Slayer 2.5.3 AU ReFX Download

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