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Monday, 15 October 2007

Magix Music Maker 12 Silver


  • Vital Instruments™
  • Graphical interface with new design and workflow
  • Fresh sound loops and MIDI loops
  • Media database
  • Podcast upload
  • Supports uneven beats
  • Explorer splitting
  • MIDI Editor with improved design
  • Drum Editor
  • Revolta™ Bass & Lead Synth
  • Two additional Vital Instruments
    Grand piano and E-bass
  • Extra styles & sounds
  • MAGIX Mastering Suite 2.0

The most important new features in detail:

"NEW!" Vital Instruments™ with incredibly realistic virtual instruments (powered by Yellow Tools)

Say goodbye to your flute! With the Vital Instruments anyone can play an instrument and it sounds amazingly realistic. Vital Instruments like acoustic guitars, drums, and an E-pianos have the identifying characteristics of real instruments, like for example, strings or sliding noises.

"NEW!" Graphical interface with new design and workflow

Current design in glass look! Despite the large range of functions of MAGIX Music Maker, the interface remains clearly ordered, helping the user find all the most important functions fast. No need to get used to working with the functions, it's all intuitive so you can start making music straight away.

"NEW!" New sound loops and MIDI loops

Creative help! New sound loops in the genres: Rock & Pop, Hip Hop, Dance Electro, Techno, and lots more, all in tried-and-tested MAGIX quality and, as always, produced by internationally acclaimed producers and composers.

"NEW!" Media database

Find it with ease! With the new media database you can spend your time making music, rather than searching for it. Open all sound loops that have 120 speed with the touch of a button or all sound loops that match the Hip Hop genre. The media database always knows where your sound loops can be found on your hard drive. Finally, you no longer have to tediously search through folder structures.

"NEW!" Podcast upload

Worldwide with your own radio show! Publish your own music as a podcast to a worldwide audience. Podcasts are the new distribution format that let you provide and show off your music to listeners in the most important music portals. Create your own radio show and load everything onto your free webspace in the MAGIX Online Album.

"NEW!" Supports uneven beats

The odd couple. Now lets you record and play uneven beats like ¾ or 6/8 beat and more.

"NEW!" Explorer splitting

Doubled and tripled and more! In the beginning, there was Explorer. And then there were two. Double access to sound loops for quick arranging and even more fun making music.

"NEW!" MIDI Editor with improved design and Drum Editor

Beauty and the beats! The MIDI Editor has been given a makeover. Additionally, the Drum Editor is now included, making the programming of your drumbeats as easy as 1-2-3. Furthermore, instruments can be played and recorded using the keyboard.

"NEW!" Two additional Vital Instruments™

Piano and Bass! A grand piano with string resonance creates an amazingly realistic sound and an electric bass with string noises for playing yourself.

"NEW!" Bass & Lead Synth

Powerful analog sound! The new virtual analog synthesizer creates powerful, warm lead & bass sounds, but also ranges from satin smooth to scratchy: exactly what you'd expect from a classic synthesizer.

"NEW!" Extra styles & sounds

Film Music, World Music, ChillOut! New sound loops of the very popular film music soundpools and, for the first time, a World Music soundpool with styles like Reggae and African Music. Lounge Music in ChillOut style as well as Easy Listening with a South American feel.

"IMPROVED!" MAGIX Mastering Suite 2.0

Even more power! The effects have been revised and can now create even more power for your music. Furthermore, MultiMax now also runs with ASIO.


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1 comment:

F. Bordewijk said...

Fair enough the programme IS Magix 12 silver, but it doesn't have the features described in the post. That is only available in Magix 12 deluxe. This download is no better than Magix basic edition. I was looking for the vsti instruments possibility. This only has one drum machine an a TB-303 sim.
Have I missed something?