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Monday, 15 October 2007


DC Vocoder
The DC Vocoder is a high quality 50-band vocoder that offers outstanding intelligibility. The top panel allows you to set the levels for the incoming signals and the overall output level. The Formant control allows you to 'gender-bend' the output - higher settings sound more feminine; lower settings sound more masculine.
The DecaBuddy is a multi-channel harmony generator capable of taking a monophonic audio signal and generating up to 4 harmony voices plus a unison voice that can track the audio input. Harmonies can be pre-programmed or, more conveniently, can be "played" via MIDI.
While it is possible to use an ordinary compressor for tightening up and adding punch to a stereo mix, it is very common that low frequencies can cause "pumping" effects on the overall signal. However, by splitting the signal into 4 different frequency bands, each frequency region can be separately processed. This is achieved on the QuadComp using a series of crossover filters. These filters are constructed as linear phase FIR filters in order to produce a signal path which is perfectly free of phase errors.
The Pitchright takes incoming audio and retunes it so that the output is perfectly in tune. It can be applied to vocals or just about any audio source that needs pitch correction. If the performance is generally satisfactory, you can select which notes will be processed and brought into tune using the keyboard graphic shown on the left of the panel - by clicking on notes on the keyboard, you can select which notes will and will not be processed. You can also use a series of preset scales to assist with this and given the real-time performance of the processor, you can switch between these "on-the-fly" using either the panel switches or "hotkeys" on your Mac/PC keyboard.
The Rotator is a VST plug-in that uses modeling technology to accurately reproduce the sound of a rotating speaker. Such speakers (also known as "Leslies" after the company who manufactured them) are widely used with organs to give a more animated sound and the "speaker" is commonly associated with the Hammond organ.
Basically, baffles in the cabinet are spun around on motors and this has the effect of (literally) throwing the sound around to create a rich stereo effect. As the baffles move, not only does the sound move but, due to the Doppler effect (the phenomena that causes ambulance sirens to change pitch as they drive past), a subtle pitch shift is also achieved.

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