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Monday, 15 October 2007

Ableton Live v6.0.5

" Changes from Live 6.0.3 to 6.0.5
* Improved the 'Best' interpolation setting of the Sampler instrument. * On Windows XP, Live can now address 3GB of memory in, if the /3GB flag is set according to this. * Starting Live on Windows Vista would not longer disable AERO Glass. * Several multi sample import improvements: o Better handling of broken EXS files. o Sorting imported multi sample parts list before saving Preset. o Prevent buffer overflows on very long filenames/paths.
* Adding a particular Ableton effect on a multi core/processor computer could lead to a crash. * Using Tap Tempo functionality on a multi core/processor computer could lead to a crash. * Cropping a particular sample would lead to a crash. * Flip parameter of the Gate device would not be saved in presets. * Changing the value of Sampler's Morph filter could lead to a crash on an Intel-Mac. * After installing or uninstalling a Live Pack from within the preferences dialog, the lower half of the Live Packs page would not longer visible. * There was a problem with Instant mapping. * After a rendering with Normalize enabled, the next rendering with Normalized disabled would render silence. * When rendering a file with "Create Analysis File" enabled, the create asd file would not contain the correct loop and tempo setting. * Under certain circumstances, a click on the "Device Activator" button of an Ableton effect or instrument could select the outer rack. * When mapping a parameter to a toggle button on a MIDI controller, the parameter would not react to the button in if the ValueScaling mode was active. * MIDI-Mapping Return tracks without mapping Arm-Buttons would not work. * Under certain circumstances Live could crash when deleting a track with a VST or VSTi plug-in. * when playing back very short samples, changing the transpose value of the Sampler instrument could lead to a crash. * Doing Cancel in missing file search could lead to a high cpu load because an still running search operation. * The cross fade mode 'Transition' would leak audio at extreme Positions. * Under certain circumstances, deleting the Saturator effect device could lead to a crash. "
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