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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Tape 808 Sample Wav Pack


The Tape 808 Sample Wav Pack

Not another 808 sample !... Well actually it isn`t...

This is 407 samples taken from two 808`s,
recorded into an ampex 351 1/2" valve 2 track tape machine.
Thats not all... We also put the 8o8`s through our
vintage gear and recorded the 808`s naked into a Metric Halo ULN-2
firewire audio card. Then we chose the best samples.
All 24 bit... and all analogue goodness !

If you can`t get hold of a real 808 then this is as
close as you can get... Maybe even better than having the real thing.
Bass Drum: 172 sample
Conga: 36 sample
Cymbal: 49 sample
HiHat: 26 sample
Perc: 24 sample
SnareDrum: 65 sample
Tom: 36 sample

the link is deleted, but you can buy it HERE

you also find other samples to download there.... for FREE!!!

Nicolas Slonimsky - Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns

Nicolas Slonimsky - Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns

PDF 256 Pages | 17Mb.

This is an exhaustive study of scales and patterns. It is based on dividing the octave into various numbers of equal parts. This study is not coming from any specific idiom such as jazz or classical but may very well be used in application to any idiom. It is a written enharmonically, no key signatures and can be used by all instruments. This 250 page book is a great source for new ideas for improvisation or composition. There are many references made to the masters in the studies and there is an explantion of terms.


no password

A Never Ending List Of Audio Stuff....

thanks to some bloke called Tigrr........

these links are over a year old, so as you should expect alot of links will probably be dead (theres no way im chacking all those lol) and some of this stuff will be outdated

still a killer list though ;)


All the BEST tools you need to compose, produce, mix, master and distribute your music digitally ! I verified ALL links as of 9/25/06 so if there is something ya see that ya just gotta have, then I suggest grabbing it first because there is no telling how long a particular link will be good. I will make a second post to this thread with just the Links for those that are in the mood to download over 9GB (9,109.56MB) of studio recording software, plugins and tools. Enjoy!!!


SEQ : Acid Pro 6, full featured sequencer

EDIT : Audition 2, audio editor

VSTi : Multi-synthesis virtual synth

VSTi : virtual synth based on famous names waves

VSTi : full featured drum machine

VSTi : Full featured sampler

VSTi : rhythm section with drums and bass

VSTi : hybrid multi-synthesis virtual synth

VSTi : ready-to-use virtual analog ensembles

VST-FX : guitar orientated environment with fx and amp simulator

VSTi : Pro semi-modular sampler

VSTi : Modular sound design studio

SEQ : Update to the all-in-one virtual studio

SEQ : Update to the all-in-one virtual studio

TOOL : midi librarian for all midi synth

SEQ : full featured top class sequencer

VSTi : Complete virtual synth expander

SEQ : full featured top class sequencer with integrated video support

VSTi : indian instrument specialist

SEQ : easy all-in-one music studio

VSTi : Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler

SEQ : Ableton Live 5.2 - Best live sequencer

VST-FX : Analog phase EQ

VST-FX : Resonant low/highpass filter

VSTi : 2 synths in one VOA/SFO synthesis

VST-FX : ScratchFree Pro, NoiseFree Pro, LinearPhase PEQ mastering 10 bands EQ

VST-FX : fully-featured monophonic synth controlled by your voice

VSTi : easy loop control and manipulation for Rex/Acidized loops

VST-FX : hybrid between an effect and a drum machine

VST-FX : universal auto-tuner and detuner

VST-FX : ultimate motion filter

VST-FX : brilliant tube simulation

DX-FX : brilliant tube simulation

VST-FX : professional parametric equalizer

VST-FX : mastering tools (compressor, eq, limiter)

VSTi : The Finest in Analog Sounds

VSTi : The Finest in strings sounds

VST-FX : Audio sample trigger

SEQ : Aodix

VSTi : Virtual Arp 2600

VST-FX : Acoustic reverb

VSTi : Arp 2600 recreation

VSTi : Yamaha CS80 recreation

VSTi : Minimoog recreation

VSTi : Moog Modular system recreation

VSTi : JP-8000 recreation

VST-FX : Moog 907A Fixed Filter Bank recreation

VST-FX : realtime pitch shifter

VST-FX : hybrid reverberation

VST-FX : dubesque tape echo

VST-FX : tempo-based gating and filter

VST-FX : complete modular multi-effects rack

VST-FX : detailed model of that classic of classics Ratshack

VST-FX : effect collection (Filterpod, Crush, Master Destrukto, TimeFnk)

VST-FX : extreme Fuzzer

VSTi : best TB-303 emulator available

VSTi : modular TB-303 !

TOOL : Sample converter tool, read/write ALL formats !

VSTi : B4 emulator with toneWheels sets

VSTi : drum pads

VST-FX : Vintage style saturation/bass expander unit

VST-FX : scrubs audio squeaky clean

VSTi : monster 6 osc synth

VSTi : vinyl scratch tool

VSTi : Soundfont 2 compatible multitimbral sampler

VSTi : Soundfont 2 compatible sampler

VSTi : Rex loops player

SEQ : live performance workstation for VSTi

VST-FX : compressor and reverb pack

VST-FX : BBE fx recreation, sound maximizer and bass enhancer

VSTi : multi-layer pro sampler

VSTi : hybrid multi-synthesis synth

VST-FX : the ultimate phattening processor

VST-FX : sequenced-delay/reverb unit

TOOL : extract audio from Akai format CD

VST-FX : multiple fx chainer

VSTi : pad & chill synth

TOOL : VSTi & VST-FX creator

VST-FX : sound multiplier

VSTi : rhythm looper

VST-FX : delay tools

VSTi : additive wavetable synthesizer

VSTi : MIDI controlled comb filter synth

VSTi : phase shaping synthesis

VSTi : vintage drum machines drum sounds synth and symple player

VSTi : wavetable sequencer synthesizer

VSTi : beatslicer

VSTi : subtractive synthesizer with 6 env, 6 lfo, 6 step seq

VSTi : triple oscillators with formant filter

VSTi : 4 oscillators with multimode filters

VSTi : 2 oscillator analog style synth for spacial FX & ambient pad

VST-FX : high-quality rotating-speaker

DXi : sample player

VST-FX : powerfull equalizer

VST-FX : mastering enhancer

TOOL : automatic mastering tool

VSTi : high-quality guitar synthesis

TOOL : modular sound creation environment

VSTi : pack of quality synths

VST-FX : pack of quality effects

VSTi : the best DevilFish Tb-303 clone !

VST-FX : ultimate audio effect system with 50 effects pack

VST-FX : sound glitcher and mangler

VST-FX : sound phatter

VST-FX : spectral effects pack

TOOL : sound editing environment, VST racker

VSTi : feedback and overdriver based synth

VSTi : loop manipulator and re-order/mangler

TOOL : midi to mp3 converter

VSTi : 8 oscillators Virtual Analog

VSTi : performance sampler with sample editor

VSTi : eight voices, four operators PM/FM synth able to import DX100/27/21 bank

DJ : djing system

VSTi : drum sampler & drum synth unit

VSTi : analog drum synth

VSTi : Vintage drum synthesizer

VSTi : Twelve sample channels drum unit

DXi : Virtual sound canvas

VSTi : FM synth

VST-FX : advanced EQ

VST-FX : effect package

VST-FX : mastering peak limiter

VST-FX : complex FIR (Finite Impulse Response) EQ

VST-FX : multi-band compressor

VST-FX : Revox B-77 simulation

VST-FX : advancer Revox B-77 tape echo simulation

SEQ : modular sequencer

VST-FX : analog sequenceur

VSTi : polyphonic synth

VSTi : powerful synthesizer

VSTi : versatile and powerful synthesizer

VST-FX : versatile filter

VST-FX : Linear phase Equalizer

VSTi : virtual synth

SEQ : Fl Studio XXL, all-in-one music workstation

TOOL : sample converter

VST-FX : Focusrite compressor recreation

VSTi : Drum sequencer workstation

VSTi : hybrid synth

SEQ : Music workstation

VSTi : Arp Odyssey recreation

VSTi : OSCar synth recreation

VST-FX : amp modeler

VST-FX : sound manipulator fx bundle

VST-FX : modulated echoes and reverbs fx bundle

VST-FX : spectral transformer fx

VST-FX : sound transformer pack

VST-FX : delayer

VST-FX : harmonic enhancer

VSTi : soundfx generator synth

TOOL : virtual midi patch bay

VSTi : highly versatile synth

VST-FX : amp modeler

VST-FX : realtime amp modeler

VSTi : Loop player

VST-FX : mastering fx pack

VSTi : FM synth

VSTi : virtual analog synth

VSTi : powerfull hybrid synth

VSTi : harsh subtractive synth

VST-FX : mastering processors

VST-FX : mastering rack

VSTi : loop player & processor

VST-FX : sound mangler

VST-FX : sound destroyer, feedbacker, overdriver

VST-FX : vinyl fx adder

VSTi : virtual synth

SEQ : modular sequecing tool

VSTi : subbass specialized synth

VSTi : Alpha Juno recreation

VSTi : polyphonic analog-modeling synthesizer

VSTi : subtrative synth

VST-FX : peak limiter

VST-FX : sound modulator fx pack

VST-FX : equalizer

VST-FX : channel-specialized fx pack

VST-FX : compressor

VST-FX : stomp-box recreation

VSTi : Korg Ms-20, Polysix and Wavestation recreation

VSTi : Korg M1, wavestation recreation

VSTi : powerful VST sampler

TOOL : best mp3 encoder

VSTi : power sampler and resampler

VSTi : power class multi-synthesis synth

VSTi : subtractive synth

VSTi : sampler and player

VSTi : semi-modular synth

VSTi : rhythm drum synth and drum sampler

VSTi : sax recreation

VSTi : electric piano synth

VSTi : virtual electric clavier

VSTi : virtual Tr-808

VST-FX : low-cpu effect rack

TOOL : digital musical instrument workstation

VSTi : virtual synth expander

VSTi : virtual drum expander

VST-FX : host rack for Ravity expanders

SEQ : Mackie Tracktion modular sequencer

TOOL : analog modeled mastering suite

VSTi : Hybrid FM synth

VSTi : FM/substratice synth

VSTi : 3 osc virtual synthesizer

TOOL : reatime Midi monitor

TOOL : virtual midi patch bay

VSTi : Minimoog recreation

VST-FX : filter unit

VSTi : subtrative synth

VSTi : high-quality software synthesizer

VSTi : reconstructive synthesis

VSTi : morphing synth

TOOL : mp3 splitter and joiner

TOOL : mp3 manipulation tool

VSTi : virtual electric piano

VSTi : warm virtual synth

VSTi : bassline synth

VSTi : enhanced bassline synth

TOOL : Reaktor ensemble decrypter

VSTi : B3 Hammond Organ recreation

VSTi : modular sound creation

VST-FX : amp simulation and effect rack for guitar

VSTi : Powerfull modular sampler

VSTi : sampler looper

VST-FX : spectral-based delay

VST-FX : virtual guitar fx rack

VSTi : Yamaha DX-serie recreation

VSTi : drum sampler

DJ : djing environment with fx

VST-FX : vocoder

VSTi : power virtual synth

VSTi : Prophet-5 recreation

VST-FX : amp simulator

VST-FX : virtual effects pack

VST-FX : tube simulation

VSTi : BassStation recreation

VSTi : V-Station recreation

VST-FX : sound mangler tools

VSTi : virtual synth

VSTi : retro subtrative synth

VSTi : Korg Prophecy recreation

VSTi : dark pad, atmo synth

VST-FX : delayer

VSTi : virtual synth

VST-FX : peak limiter

VST-FX : frequency shifter

VST-FX : powerful multi-phaser

VST-FX : delay line with filters

VST-FX : sound enhancer

VST-FX : quad filter units

VSTi : powerfull multi-synthesis synth

VST-FX : vocoder

VST-FX : beat compressor

VST-FX : Prophet 600 recreation

VST-FX : Ensoniq Paris EQ recreation

DJ : virtual djing environment

VST-FX : audio router

SEQ : integrated modular sequencer

VST-FX : reverberator

TOOL : Reason refill packer

TOOL : Reason Akai CD reading tool

EDIT : Loop creator

VSTi : virtual synth

VSTi : virtual modular system synth

VST-FX : mixing fx pack

VST-FX : stereo tool fx pack

VST-FX : Lexicon PSP42 recreation - delay unit

VST-FX : Lexicon PSP84 recreation - delay unit

VST-FX : sound warmer fx

VST-FX : multi-stage EQ

VST-FX : delay/reverb/modulation unit

VST-FX : mastering compressor

VSTi : virtual synth

VST-FX : enhanced reverberation fx

VSTi : drum sequencer

VSTi : Analog Synth emulator

VSTi : drum synth

TOOL : Reason Refill viewer / unpacker

VSTi : Alpha Juno recreation

VSTi : virtual additive synth

VSTi : C-64 Sid chip synth recreation

VSTi : hardrock / heavymetal guitar synth

VSTi : virtual synth expander

SEQ : music tracker

VST-FX : audio reverser

VSTi : powerfull virtual synth

VSTi : drum synth

VSTi : metallic drum synth

VSTi : rhythm synth

VSTi : fat virtual synth

VSTi : multi-synthesis synth

VSTi : GM based synth

VST-FX : decrackler tool

VST-FX : vintage analogue effects processors pack

VSTi : mini phraser

VST-FX : modular fx machine

VST-FX : modular fx generator

VSTi : SH-101 recreation

VSTi : loop player

VST-FX : audio recorder tool

VSTi : advanced subtractive synth

VSTi : subtractive synth

VSTi : semi-modular synth-sequencer

VSTi : full modular synth

VST-FX : multi-band compressor expander

VST-FX : dynamic equaliser

VST-FX : pattern gating fx

VSTi : analog drum sequencer

VST-FX : musical reverberation

VSTi : SH-1000 recreation

EDIT : full featured sample editor

VSTi : Virtual sampler

VST-FX : sound motion fx tools

VST-FX : motion delay unit

VST-FX : chorus fx

VST-FX : reverb unit

VST-FX : equalisation

TOOL : virtual live mixer VST environement

VSTi : drum machine

VSTi : powerfull synth

VST-FX : vocoder

VSTi : multi-synthesis synth

VSTi : powerfull sampler

VSTi : Minimoog recreation

VST-FX : reverb unit

VST-FX : unlocked SX fx

TOOL : virtual live mixing tool for VST

VST-FX : unlocked Wavelab fx

VST-FX : step sequencer

VSTi : strings synth

VSTi : virtual synth

VSTi : ambient pad synth

VSTi : ring synth

VSTi : basic sample player

VST-FX : granulizer fx

VSTi : bass synth specialist

VSTi : GM based synth

VSTi : Nord Lead recreation

VSTi : virtual synth

VSTi : hybrid fm additive synth

TOOL : notation

SEQ : integration virtual mixer studio

VSTi : modular sound synthesis studio

VSTi : basic synth

VST-FX : pro multi-fx rack

TOOL : midi arpegiator

TOOL : midi step sequencer

TOOL : midi drum machine

VST-FX : mastering tools

VSTi : vintage e-piano synth

VSTi : ARP 2600 recreation

VST-FX : TLaudio eq recreation

VST-FX : filter bank

VSTi : SH-101 recreation

VST-FX : mix-oriented convolution parametric EQ

TOOL : keyboard emulator

TOOL : audio to midi converter

VSTi : loop player

VST-FX : modulated filter unit

VST-FX : powerfull effects pack

VSTi : C64 chip-synth recreation

VSTi : virtual synth

VSTi : voice synthesis synth

VSTi : multi-synthesis synth

TOOL : virtual audio routing

TOOL : midi keyboard simulation

VSTi : midi joystick controller

VST-FX : vocal remover

VST-FX : analog fx suite

VST-FX : vintage compressor

VST-FX : curve EQ

VST-FX : convolution reverb

VST-FX : mastering compressor


VST-FX : harmonic enhancer

VST-FX : sound fattener

VST-FX : filter

VST-FX : limiter

VST-FX : vintage compressor

VST-FX : phase shifter

VST-FX : transparent compressor

VST-FX : reverberator

VST-FX : reverb unit

VST-FX : noise reducer

VST-FX : peak limiter

VST-FX : sound modulation

VST-FX : vintage modulator

VST-FX : vocal channel strip fx

VST-FX : sound warmer

VSTi : Alpha Juno 6 recreation

VSTi : notepad tool

VST-FX : audio routing

VSTi : pad synth

VSTi : analog drum synth

VSTi : analog drum machine

VST-FX : DPole filter recreation

VSTi : PPG Wave recreation

VST-FX : finalizer mastering fx

VST-FX : mastering reverb

VST-FX : stereo & panning tool

VST-FX : mastering rack tools

VST-FX : channel strip fx rack

VST-FX : mastering compressor / peak limiter

EDIT : sample editing & cd burning tool

VST-FX : drum replacer

VST-FX : stereo & 3d placement tool

VST-FX : powerfull mastering fx

VST-FX : guitar fx rack

VST-FX : sound smoother

VST-FX : mastering maximizer

VST-FX : ultra sound maximizer

VST-FX : musician fx bundle

VST-FX : sound EQ cloner

VST-FX : sound trasnformator fx

VSTi : Arp 2600 recreation

VSTi : additive synth

VSTi : sound mangler synth

VSTi : vector synthesis synth

PLAYER : all format player

VST-FX : dynamic fx rack

VST-FX : maximizer tools

VST-FX : lowpass filter

VSTi : multimode synth

VSTi : virtual synth

VST-FX : fx chainer

VSTi : Tr-808 recreation

VST-FX : Yamaha 01 Channel strip fx recreation

VSTi : YM sound generator synth

VSTi : the best virtual drumbox !

VST : extreme distortion & overdrive fx

VST : multi-octave harmonic enhancement fx

VST : spectral fx toolbox - spectral morph, filter, pan, delay, and smear

VST : complete professional mastering solution


Zebra 2 Vsti

URS Classic Console Compressor :

URS Classic Console Strip :

URS Everything EQ Bundle :

Roger Nichols Digital PlugIns pack :
Uniquel-izer :

Dynam-izer :

Finis :

Frequal-izer :

Inspector XL :

SpectraPhy physics based mastering limiter VST :

Fruity Loops Studio 6.3 public beta 3 with reg code :

SpectraPhy physics based mastering limiter VST :

AudioEase Altiverb convolution reverb :

Antares Auto-Tune 4.39

Orion Platinum 7 full featured sequencer :

Ableton 5.21 Live-orientated sequencer/jammer

Acoustica Dj Twist Burn v1.01 b142 : create your own mix cd just like a pro

Cakewalk KINETIC 2 ISO : your own MPC-like groovebox in your PC !

Ableton Live v5.2.2 : latest version of this great live sequencer

Cakewalk Dimension Pro Expansion pack 1 : add-on for Dimension Pro VSTi sampler

Clone Ensemble Alien Solo VST DX v2.2

Clone Ensemble Clone Ensemble VST DX v4.2

Clone Ensemble Psycho Toolkit VST DX v1.1

Clone Ensemble Voice Trap VST DX v2.0a

Cycling74 Hipno VST RTAS v1.04

Cycling74 Max Msp v4.57 : modular sound generation package

Cycling74 Mode VST RTAS v1.24 REPACK

Cycling74 Pluggo VST RTAS v3.54 : vst and vsti pack

FabFilter Twin VSTi v1.20 fixed

FabFilter Volcano VSTi v1.20 fixed

Harm Visser PhM Toolbox For Reaktor5 : physical modeling tool for Reaktor 5

Kjaerhus Audio Golden Audio Gate GAG-1 v1.02 VST

LinPlug Octopus VSTi v1.2 1 : semi-modular monster synth VSTi

LiveLab LiveSlice VST VSTi v1.44 : Live Loop tool

OhmForce Hematohm PRO DX v1.25

OhmForce Hematohm PRO VST v1.25

OhmForce OhmBoyz PRO DX v1.45

OhmForce OhmBoyz PRO VST v1.45

OhmForce Predatohm PRO DX v1.35

OhmForce Predatohm PRO VST v1.35

OhmForce QuadFrohmage PRO DX v1.23

OhmForce QuadFrohmage PRO VST v1.24

OhmForce Symptohm Melohman VSTi v1.10

Reasontools : refill packer + refill unpacker (export wave from refills) + akai loader

Refined Audiometrics PLPar EQ VST v2.21

Refined Audiometrics PLPar EQ X VST v2.21

Voxengo GlissEQ VST v2.8

You still want more???

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